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Sustainable, plastic-free and fairly produced in Germany or Europe

Our choice - your decision.

There are many online shops with sustainable products. But if you take a closer look, the fairly produced sneakers come from Asia and have a long, CO2-intensive journey behind them, or the sustainable cleaning cloth is made of bamboo, which is a renewable resource, but which also has to be imported from Asia.

We offer you selected products that have not travelled halfway around the world. The raw materials of our products also come from Germany or Europe. You will only find items that are either made in Germany or Europe and are also plastic-free and vegan.

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  • USP stilisierte Sonne


    There is no need for animal suffering! Our products are free from animal substances and made without animal suffering. The durable outsoles of our funslippers slippers are sewn, not glued, and the sole is made of 100% natural rubber.

  • USP stilisiertes Herz


    Unsere Produkte werden nur in Deutschland oder der EU hergestellt. Das
    spart einerseits umweltschädliche Transporte und stellt außerdem sicher,
    dass faire Löhne gezahlt und die faire, soziale Arbeitsbedingungen
    eingehalten werden.

  • USP stilisiertes Blatt


    Unsere Produkte bestehen aus reycelten oder aus nachhaltig gewonnenen
    Materialien. Wir achten außerdem darauf, dass die verwendeten
    Materialien frei von Kunstoffen sind.