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Beside the design, the quality and sustainability of the used materials is the most important thing about our slippers collection – this makes the big difference to many standard slippers that are “only” cheap. Special quality characteristics of funslippers plush slippers are:

☆ A rubberized outsole instead of a simple fabric sole

☆ A thickly padded sandwich sole that keeps your feet nice and warm

☆ First class materials – tested for harmful substances by TÜV Rheinland* and INTERTEK**


Premium slippers from funslippers

We attach great importance to the choice of the materials and the production of funslippers slippers. Here the emphasis is on condition, surface feel, and on the fact that the used fabrics and materials are free of pollutants.

I personally select the fabrics for the funslippers® slippers. These are high-quality plush and textile materials from my material suppliers. Before production, I personally make sure how the fabrics feel, whether they fuzz, and how the color intensity is.  Claudia Weis, owner of funslippers

The next step is the testing center for a preliminary examination of the fabric. Only when the tests for harmful substances are passed, a sample production of the new designs takes place. The respective testing center is involved in the control of the used materials for harmful substances both at the beginning and the end of the manufacturing procedure of a new collection. The testing company INTERTEK or the TÜV Rheinland do not assign the certificate until the final test has been passed. Therefore, the used materials as well as the rubberized outsole are guaranteed free of AZO-colorants, biocides and PAKs.


Slippers free of pollutants

Beginning with the collection autumn/winter in 2014/2015, our animal slippers and plush slippers comply with the EU standard EN71ff, under which the limit values for children’s toys and clothes are set.
In general, various regulations apply for the import of slippers and shoes from the EU, but these are not enough for us as manufacturers. Here we present the difference between necessary conditions and our voluntary inspection standards:
Each manufacturer is free to decide whether to comply with the European chemicals regulation REACH about materials that cause particular concern (incl. DEHP). Proof of REACH compliance is not required when importing!

✔ In order to receive the TÜV Rheinland ToxProof certificate, the absence of these substances is a precondition for the grant of the certificate.

1. No use of AZO colorants and dimethylfumarate (DMF) – there is no obligation to produce proof when importing!

✔ In the case of the TÜV Rheinland ToxProof certification, the absence of these substances is a precondition for the grant of the certificate.

2. In the case of the following substances there are no import restrictions, but there is a health risk (so-called RSL products) such as *formaldehyde. The limit for the legal labeling requirements of formaldehyde is set at 1500 mg/kg. Formaldehyde exposures of < 1500 mg/kg do not have to be shown.

✔ Limit value of formaldehyde for the approval of the TÜV certification must be below < 20 mg/kg.

3. PAKs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) such as naphthalene, various methyl- and dimethylnaphthalenes, fluorines, fluoranthene can cause strong odor. However, there is no legal basis to forbid these chemicals in consumer products.

✔ The TÜV Rheinland certification includes the testing for these malodorous substances and also the testing for chlorophenols, lead/cadmium, heavy metals.

4. In addition, the factory inspection on site - this means the compliance with humane working conditions according to SA 8000 / ISO 9001 standards - is also included in the approval of the testing certification and. of course, exclusion of child labor.

Due to the compliance with the strict EU standard EN71ff, funslippers® are free of harmful substances since the autumn/winter collection of 2014/15 and can also be examined carefully by infants without any concern.
*TOXPROOF certificate
The certificate documents that a product – from the textile to the prefabricated house – suits the extensive inspection catalog of the TÜV Rheinland Group and is classified as low in harmful substances. TOXPROOF, which is established in the market, signalizes the consumer that a product was tested according to strict requirements and that hereby no damage to health is to be expected.

TÜV Rheinland proof - certified quality toys
This combines the safety requirements of the EG Toy Directive 48/2009/EG with pollutant criteria specifically tailored to the product group, and previously defined quality characteristics. The test mark particularly makes an economically acceptable group certification of a whole toy group possible for the manufacturer, in addition to the evaluation of an individual toy. This test mark offers a reliable assistance to consumers when buying children’s toys.





Intertek Zertifizierung funslippers



  • USP stilisiertes Herz

    Made with love

    Our funslippers styles are designed with a lot of love and FUNtasy and produced under fair conditions.

  • USP stilisierte Sonne

    High Quality

    funslippers slippers are handmade. The materials we use are selected by hand and tested for harmful substances.

  • USP stilisiertes Blatt


    There is no need for animal suffering! Our products are free from animal substances and made without animal suffering. The durable outsoles of our funslippers slippers are sewn, not glued, and the sole is made of 100% natural rubber.