About Us

We at funslippers are all a bit crazy and find normal slippers totally boring. That's why we decided to design funny slippers. Claudia, owner and creative head of the company, has been designing the crazy slipper models since 2006.


The idea for the funslippers and the online shop originated in the winter of 2005, when I myself was in search of funny slippers with a reasonable sole. I was looking for something of high quality, remarkable, and funny – unfortunately in vain. All I found at that time was either not funny or qualitatively so disappointing, that I did not want to give it away as a present. I was convinced: this could be done better and so the idea of funslippers® was born. According to the motto “The days of boring slippers are over at last”, I am polishing up the dusty image of slippers sustainably together with my team!

Claudia Weis, owner of funslippers


100% quality and service out of conviction

For me, it is important that our customers are satisfied with the service and the quality of our slippers without compromises, because this is the only way they will put a smile on the faces when wearing. 100% service for satisfied customers - I stand by it. My team and I are convinced that quality and service belong together inseparably – we live this philosophy at funslippers every day with a lot of fun and dedication.

Our collections - from 2010 until today

We are launching a new collection per year on a regular basis since the autumn/winter season 2010. At that time, our highlight model was the flamingo, which was also shown in the warm & care campaign at the same time. We have been following the way these novelty slippers would be received by our customers with great excitement. The model was so popular that it was sold out in a very short time. In 2011, the fluffy pink bunnies, the funny turtles, and the brown moose joined us as plush slippers. In 2012, frog prince and frog princess as well as the sweet little lambs enlarged the funslippers® family. In 2013, we included the model ‘pink crazy bunny’ as limited edition in our range of products. With the animal slipers ‘crazy bunny’, we already had gray bunnies as well as sweet pink bunnies, but it was supposed to be something more striking and crazy – and that is how the gray bunny got a colorful counterpart. In 2014, proud penguins, blue-yellow fishes, black and yellow striped bees, blue paw slippers as well as, for the first time, indoor boots in three different variations complemented our range of products. Before that, we tested completely different models in small quantities and cautiously worked our way to what our customers like.
In 2015, the charming unicorn slippers MYLO, the sweet cat slippers CABOU, and the adorable swan slippers for two complement our range of products.


What is the difference between funslippers® and other motif slippers?

We create the designs ourselves with a lot of loving care!
Therefore, you can be sure of not wearing run-of-the-mill models on your feet.

Our funslippers® have an outsole made of high quality rubber -
this enables you to walk out the door without the soles getting wet or ripping. Slippers with fabric soles are often cheaper, but unfortunately, they do not last very long.

funslippers® are sewn and not glued. Therefore, they are vegan and you can wear them or give them away with a clear conscience.



  • USP stilisiertes Herz

    Made with love

    Our funslippers styles are designed with a lot of love and FUNtasy and produced under fair conditions.

  • USP stilisierte Sonne

    High Quality

    funslippers slippers are handmade. The materials we use are selected by hand and tested for harmful substances.

  • USP stilisiertes Blatt


    There is no need for animal suffering! Our products are free from animal substances and made without animal suffering. The durable outsoles of our funslippers slippers are sewn, not glued, and the sole is made of 100% natural rubber.